My Experience With Drugs And Alcohol

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First of all I would like to thank Professor Lamb for creating a safe environment to speak openly about our own experiences about drugs and alcohol. Once upon consulting my field instructor earlier this semester, she had posed the question… “Are you just sitting in it?” The “it” referring to my anxieties since my father is an addict. As I reflect on this semester, I believe there were a few times that I was “just sitting in it,” but as I heard some colleagues open-up it instilled a sense of courage and relief that I was not alone. I appreciate that you, Professor Lamb, created a safe and non-judgmental space to share our thoughts, feelings, comments, questions, etc. Thank you for giving us assignments that were not just “busy work” and that challenged us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I know that you had advised the class to not choose a family member for this final assignment but I took the challenge (risk) and the results were beneficial. Remember how on the first day of class you had students introduce themselves and wanted to know what they wanted to get out of this course. I remember myself saying… “Hello, my name is Mary Marrone. I am a first year full-time AHA student. I would like to learn about the stigma placed on drugs and alcohol because my father is an addict (correction: recovering addict?) and my family just never talks about it… it just gets swept under the rug.” I felt that this assignment gave me the courage and platform to start

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