My Experience With Evolutionary Pressure

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Hameed Abdul. Often times I honestly forget my own name. The words roll around my head like a gimmicky concept. Potential. Something that I personally value is the continual growth of a person while in search for a higher purpose. So far throughout all of my experiences my life has presented me with evolutionary pressure needed to form self identity. Because the journey itself has been truly amazing, I have conflicting views on which parts I resonated with the most. My current circumstances and sense of direction or my nostalgic moments learning to explore within and embody who I am while in the face of adversity; however, I digress my life has changed due to perception. The humid and uneventful town of Gulfport, Mississippi is where I…show more content…
The small town society became a stranger when we moved to Maryland. The East Coast had numerous identities. Two street blocks right next to one another felt worlds apart. The people there were as culturally embracive as the city, all of them being unique and diverse. A perfect utopia that didn’t formally accept me. Baltimore is where I spent the rest of first grade and much of second grade. My classroom experience was rather interesting, the education department there wanted us to experience multiple teachers in one day, group projects, and most importantly the staff wanted to see students mold their own learning experiences. My initial learning process from Mississippi did not stop me from quickly adjusting and enjoying school every single day. My home life at the time matched the same excitement as school. I was going to be a big brother. Months passed since the move to Baltimore and I experienced so much in so little time. I forgot the place I once called home. I longed to be apart of the utopia I intruded into. My mother and her fiance had some tension and decided to move back to their home states.
Mississippi felt like a vague dream. Nothing was comprehensible. I was an observer again. Second grade felt like a chore to complete. The feeling of disconnect was embodied by the fear of social interaction. I spent the rest of second grade a quiet mute only wishing not to be noticed. Effort to change my current circumstances were made during third grade.
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