My Experience With Homesickness, And Poor Study Habits

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I have faced many challenges throughout my life like test anxiety, experience with homesickness, and poor study habits. Within the five years, I have been trying to make better improvements. However, the central challenge that I have been struggling with is my lack of confidence. Since I was a child, I never thought I was good enough for the people around me. I often heard compliments from my teachers about how other students were really smart, when “my friends” judged me by the way I look, and even when my parents used to compare my sister and me. I never wanted to compare myself with others, but all these little situations affected my self-esteem. One thing that I cannot forget is when I came to the United States when I was fifteen years old. I first believed that I would be able to start my new life again. I expected to meet new friends, to study hard, and what I wanted the most, to be myself. However, one of the big things that I realized at first when I came to the United States was that I did not fit in. Since I did not know English before, I was not able to communicate with many people. Even though I wanted to speak up and express myself, I had the mentality that people would laugh at me because of my accent or my lack of vocabulary. In this seminar, I want to overcome the insecurity of being criticized by someone else and also stop comparing myself with people who are different than me. I want to become confident with who I am and understand that I don’t have to be

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