My Experience With Hurricane Katrina

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The nation's most known hurricane , Katrina is one the most historical event today. Some remember it differently than others. I would like to share what I experienced and my knowledge on one of the country's deadliest storms.

My experience with the storm isn't very tragic like those in New Orleans . I was around the age of seven with the storm hit . I didn't really know what was going on. I just remember being in the store shopping because my mother said a storm was coming . All that was on my mind was that i so happy that school was cancelled after a few weeks of starting. I mean second grade wasn't all that to me . At the time my mom was working over night in New Orleans . She was called in the night before the storm hit. The day of the storm my grandma , two brothers and I stayed at my uncles house . Good thing his kids were thing because I
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The hurricane hit states near the Gulf of Mexico Florida to Texas . Katrina is ranked 3rd in the most deadliest hurricanes . With the damages being about 108 billion dollars and at least 1,800 being injured or killed . The hurricane did a good amount of damages but after the storm it was a tragic. It broke the levees which cause the city of New Orleans , Louisiana flooded. People were standing on top of there houses and had nothing left but the clothes on there backs . Not knowing if help if going to come and not even knowing if their love ones out there was safe . The coast guard rescued at least 34,00 in New Orleans . Things were so bad and everyone just needed help. Food , water , shelter and aid was needed and people were getting desperate . The Super dome in New Orleans had to close it's doors because it reached its maximum capacity. Today 11 years after Katrina the city of New Orleans is still recovering from the tragedy . The citizens that moved back are still rebuilding what they lost and still are moving
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