My Experience With Medical School

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Medical school has been a life long dream of mine, but what sets me apart from others are the lessons learned within my life experiences. The first steps of this dream occurred when I was 8 years old having just arrived to the United States. Ms. Cole was an energetic and caring third grade teacher, who introduced me to a computer, painting and how to take care of a fish, but most importantly the idea of becoming something I want to be. I made friends and overcame the language barrier with her support and guidance along with realizing I could become a doctor through her push and motivation.

Fast-forward to fall 2009 when I first attended Wayne State University, where I grew as a person and student in this different environment. It was the next four years that would teach me the words: responsibility, compassion, and patience. I learned the word ‘responsibility’ as I controlled when I studied and how I spent my time. ‘Compassion’ as I learned to take care of my mother to the end. ‘Patience’ as saying to all stubborn patients and mothers ‘no, you cannot do that’ was both frustrating and frankly, scary.

I took numerous classes as part of the biology premedical track. I applied the concepts to gain a greater understanding, going beyond simple memorization. I learned how I study and how I need to improve my study habits. Being part of the graduate BMS program, which is a program designed to be a stepping- stone to medical school, has prepared me for medical school through…

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