My Experience With My Course At Austin Community College And Concordia University Essay

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Through my experience working with kids and my courses at Austin Community College and Concordia University I’ve established a philosophy of education that I intend to use in my future classroom. Being entrusted with shaping young minds, but also sculpting these children and lighting their way is an enormous responsibility that I intend to take the utmost care with. I plan to fall in love daily with my students and the profession that I feel God has called me to do. Teaching will forever be my calling and my plan is use everything that I have learned thus far and continue to learn to aide my students in become the person that God wants them to be.
Motivating me to become a teacher are some of my past experiences while in grade school that I want to pass along the same incredible experiences. Middle school is a challenging time for most kids, but was especially challenging for me. One of the things that got me through middle school was my fantastic set of teachers. The qualities that they exemplified during my time in middle school are some that I plan to take with me to my teaching career. Middle school is characteristically a time where kids are finding themselves and the “group” they fit into. My teachers in middle school did everything humanly possible to help me succeed in school but also in life. Motivating me to become a teacher is my desire to help each and every student that comes through my classroom to become a better person in some way shape or form. The

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