My Experience With My Family

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Moments Relived Every child’s dream is to go to Disneyland where they will experience a dream of a lifetime. One moment I want to experience again is when my family took me to Disneyland especially when my father was still alive. My father died of pancreatic cancer when I was five years old, but I did not understand the concept of his death, so I did not feel any sadness or grief for him until I was eight years old where I finally understood the impact of his death which struck me to tears. I have heard mostly good things from my mother and other close relatives who have said he was a good man who truly loved his family and wanted the best for us. What I want to change in this experience is to give thanks to my parents, show more love…show more content…
I can tell my parents were very happy, especially my father who had a genuine smile over his face since he was happy with how my sister and I were excited for this trip. Once my parents finished their announcement, we quickly headed over to our car to get started on our trip to Disneyland. Furthermore, as we started to drive towards our destination, I remember looking out the window of our car and noticing cars zoom past us as we drove along the freeway. My sister tired herself out on the trip and she’s soundly asleep while my parents happily chat with each other about something I don’t understand at the time. In contrast, I didn’t do anything, but I just stared out the window for long periods of time ignoring what’s going on in the car without interacting much with my parents. After a few hours later, I could identify the entrance of Disneyland and proceeded to wake up my sister, so we can be ready to go once my parents found a parking space. Once my parents found a parking space, we headed to the entrance of Disneyland then we showed our tickets to the person manning the entrance to go inside the amusement park. To continue, after we entered Disneyland I was amazed by how many roller coasters and amusements rides there
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