My Experience With My Family

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While working on my genogram I found it a bit difficult to put it all onto a page. I have information dating back to my great great, grandparents on both side of my parents. Although I do not have all the information pertaining to my great aunts and uncles etc. I do have most of the information from my great great, grandparents down to my parents. My great grandfather on my mom’s side died of old age at 96 years, while his first wife died of breast cancer sometime in the late 40’s. His second wife Rose died at the age of 94. She had children from her first marriage, but I have never met them. I knew both as a child and remember them fondly, however I do not know about their up brining. This was on my grandfather’s side of the family. My…show more content…
Grandma didn’t have a job outside of raising kids, but you would never know it by the looks of her hands. They were tough and worn down from all she did around the farm. She made homemade butter, cream and anything she could get her hands on. Dad met my mother because both families went to the same church and they were at each other’s houses for Sunday lunches. He was thirteen, she was eleven. One of my mom’s older sisters, married one of my dad’s older brothers. They had a rocky marriage so when dad said he was marrying mom, it did not go over well with either side of the family. There siblings had three kids together before getting divorced. This caused a huge rift in the family! Because of this, I do not know most of my cousins very well, if at all on either side of the family. Looking at my genogram and reflecting on this week’s material, one of the things that John Gottman stated was that the average wait time for a couple who are in trouble to seek help is six years. That is too long for couples today to wait and get help. I have had family get divorced and it devastated an entire family. So, while a genogram helps a person to reflect on their family, this could be taken to an even deeper level. It somewhat ties into the systems theory. “Within a family context, we may see many repetitive patterns in family behavior.” In looking at this from a framework of self-correction, looking at the family

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