My Experience With My Friends

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Growing up I could identify my friends whom I found to be more sensitive, friendly and imaginative. These were the friends that I could turn to when I had a problem I needed to talk through or someone who was sincere and honest in their advice while being mindful of my feelings. I could also identify with these friends because I have always been one to make sure everyone else is taken care of before myself. These “blues” are the most genuine people I have met throughout life, but I have also found in my classroom. Just three days ago, one of my students answered a question that normally does not volunteer to participate. He answered correctly and his fellow peer whom he is not within the same social circle could not be more proud of him. She was astonished and proud of his answer and continued to whisper (loudly) across the room good job with her thumbs up until he realized her recognition and smiled back with a thank you. I was so proud to have this student in my classroom showing such compassion for another student. This generation is criticized for only thinking of themselves and although not untrue, it is moments like that, that remind me of how lucky I am to have blues in the classroom. As blues strengths including caring for others and sharing their emotions are compromised by them feeling hurt or treated unjustly, they take it personally. It’s important to reassure and validate their feelings.
Lastly are the students who carefully analyze my words, actions,…

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