My Experience With My Heritage

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I was born and raised in America. However, my experiences here would be extremely limited if I denied my Spanish heritage. I live in America, but my heart and mind are often with my heritage. As a young, narrow minded child, I grew up like most children. The main difference was that I spent my summers visiting Europe and learning my language and culture, which has since become sacrosanct to my identity. Through these activities, I felt myself becoming more different from my classmates and the kids in my neighborhood. After some years of feeling like a pariah, my family moved to a more diverse town, where I learned that every culture is different -- from the music to the mannerisms, and that I wasn’t the only one who was more than just ‘American’. Though I felt marginalized at times, I am grateful to have been raised in America. One of the beautiful things about this country is that one can be raised here, while still incorporating and being a part of their original culture. I have gained an appreciation for all the activities and interactions I have experienced, and I see them as parts of a well-rounded education. I have become more accepting of others, grown with a passion for connecting with and learning from others, and developed a unique, global perspective.
Growing up, one of the places I felt most at home was at the Spanish Club in Newark, Club España. Here, I participated in a traditional dance group that met weekly. In the Galician region of Spain, where I am from,…

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