My Experience With My Mentor

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I can still remember the talk with my friends before September when I told them how scared I was to take this course since I could not imagine me, myself, to handle a 90-minute class on my own. When I was informed that I was assigned to an ALI level 6 class, I was shocked. I could not help thinking about that I was actually a level 6 student last year and how could I teach students that had the same language proficiency as I did. I was anxious, panic, confused and unsure about myself before my first observation. I kept emailing my supervisor and told her how I was not confident about myself; I remember I failed to speak English fluently for the beginning few weeks since I noticed that my mentor and my students were judging me while I was speaking; I rewrote my lesson plan for more than three times to meet my mentor’s expectations… my voice might be a little bit shaky when I was first observed. And I kept talking to make the class more teacher-centered so that I could control the class better. It is so magic that as soon as I accomplished my first class being observed, I felt released and I felt that I learned something. It cannot be expressed verbally, but I could feel it. I gained confidence and much more. Being more confident, my second lesson plan designing process still nearly killed me. This time I had to search the materials myself. I went through the YouTube videos and Google, pages after pages. I could not help even thinking about the lesson plan and designing them
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