My Experience With My Mom

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A memory described in impeccable detail with regards to the time of day, weather, and individuals present was recalled upon by a loving mother as tears welled up in her eyes. She then went on to explain a chaotic scene describing the panic as she discovered that her two year old child was lying seemingly lifeless in her pool. Her imagery painted a picture as if she was witnessing the event in that exact moment. However, she was pertaining to an event that occurred five years earlier. Her child was in the room adjacent to us, and was left with major brain damage from the traumatic event. This image has been embedded in my memory since the day I accompanied my mom at work following the “take your child to work day” tradition during my fifth grade year in elementary school. My mom is an LPN who at the time was working as a home care nurse for this child. At the young age of eleven, I was unable to completely understand the circumstances that I was placed in. I watched as my mom tended to every need for this child who had no means to fend for oneself. It was evident that the chances of recovery were nonexistent, but I witnessed in that moment a situation that could not be achieved without extensive compassionate and prolonged relational care. The mere sound of hearing my mom’s voice would induce an uncontrollable smile and tensing in the child, expressing the joy of her company. This moment made me realize that there truly was life preserved in this child, by a relentless mother

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