My Experience With Parenting And Home Schooling

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The focus of this paper is to talk about my experience with learning about qualitative research method and design, engaging participants through a research interviewing and obtaining information about the participants’ live experiences and transcribing the data (Caswell, 2007).To interview the participant, I formulated the research problem; what is your experience with parenting and home schooling. I generated research open-ended research interview questions for a one and one interview with the participant. The purpose of the research interview to gain experiences in collecting and interpreting data through interviewing and to gain an insight into parenting and home schooling children. In this paper, I will reflect on my experiences…show more content…
What differentiates my social location?
Throughout the research interview, I was aware that it was essential for me to respect the participant. I was also aware of the power imbalance embedded throught the research process between myself and the participant, from research topic design to the interpretation of the data and the need for ethical consideration(Caswell, 2007, Wash, 2007 and & Daley, 2007). In addressing the importance of research ethics, Caswell states “ we must consider ethical considerations involving our roles as insiders/outsiders”( Caswell, p.156). Therefore, it was important for me to tell the participant about her rights to participate in the research interview, the benefits, the potential risk and the informed consent. For example, before I interviewed the participant, we reviewed the informed consent and when I asked if she understood it, she reported, “ I do”, that “ it was straight forward” and that she would “definitely” participate. Failure to establish and implement ethical consideration throughout the research process can impact the interview, the data and the intereptation of the data( Caswell, 2007).It was important for me to be transparent and maintained a good rapport with the participant.
Professional and Academic
I recognized that my professional and academic location could have impacted the
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