My Experience With Puerto Rican Pride

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“Boricua!” my family screams out loud in the most outlandish way possible as if they wanted everyone to know their Puerto Rican pride. Ironically though I didn’t participate and my father looked at me in the most bizarre way as if I had done something inconceivably wrong. It was alright afterwards as my parents took me aside and told me that I should be proud of who I was and my culture. But for some reason I found myself frozen and blank as I asked myself the most clichéd question that we all ask ourselves at least in one part of our life “Who am I?” As if I could answer that question at that moment, and the truth remained that I didn’t know who I was and I guess I still need some experience in my life before I could answer that…show more content…
I learned a lot in those eleven years about people and the way their culture affected them but not so much as the kids seemed to be moving away from their culture and become “Americanized.” The Bronx though wasn’t the ending to my cultural dilemma because my family soon moved to the city of Newark. The people in Newark were different and seemed to embrace their culture in a way that I haven’t seen before. For the first time I met kids that were from different cultures, new cultures that I haven’t been exposed to from the Portuguese to Brazilians. But that wasn’t the end to it though as I was becoming exposed to different us point of views too from Muslims to Hindus and the kids that had grown up with this loved who they were and that inspired me. It was different to see people so rich and so diverse in both an ethnic sense and in a religious point of view as well. It helped me get away from embedded stereotypes and negative connotations that have been constructed in society about a person and helped me understand them in a personal level and helped me be empathetic towards them which helped me get new friends and learn different perspectives on the world. My high school career is coming to an end but Science Park really represented what the city of Newark is all about. It disconnected us from the negative images that are associated with the city and helped us grow as individuals. Being put into classes with people from different
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