My Experience With The Chicano Students Program

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Since my transfer orientation at UCR, I was interested in getting involved with the Chicano students Program. It was the main organization that I felt connected to. Fortunately I had the opportunity to intern at CSP, it has been one of the greatest experience of my collage years. I am so proud of my self of getting out there and doing something for our college campus. This quarter I discovered skills that I had hidden, before this internship I didn’t now some skills that I had hidden. I have always been and introvert student but was hoping to get my extrovert side and have learned that I do have it. I am proud to say that Spring 2016 internship has been one of the best experiences. While working for CSP, I learned that I enjoy helping out and volunteering. Interning 5 hours a week made me feel a great satisfaction and enjoyment since I felt that I was being a great help to the organization. I feel that students should get informed of all the available positions since many of the students who walked in CSP office asked the process of getting an internship. Not only does the student want to get some experience and want to volunteer but organizations need the help, I realize how much of a workload does CSP staff carry. Many UCR Chicano/Latino students come to the UCR feeling far away from home and many feel the need to connect with people that will understand then and speak the same language. A lot of the Chicano/Latino community need the help and support that CSP offers
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