My Experience With The College Orientation Experience

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An overview of my experience with the College Orientation Experience (COE) class at Bethel University was discussed in this paper. Along with a summarized recap of key subjects like the differences between the learning styles (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic). Each subject matter’s perspective backgrounds, and how they are applied in class. The essay’s in APA format and why I think it is beneficial going forward to the next classes. The benefits of the class’s ice breakers that, not only open us up with each other, but a mean for us to face our phobias such as speaking in front of the class is also provided. An overview of my experience at Bethel University’s COE class It was late July, when I was on a helicopter in reset when I was approached by my coworker Ethan. I had only spent a couple of conversations with him before, but Ethan mostly stuck to himself. A quiet guy with piercing brown eyes and an untamed beard when he asked: “Are you going to start college this fall?” And that! Right there, was all it took! You see, I was never really a great student in High School, not because I didn’t understand the subjects, or I hated school, but rather, I concentrated more on my social life, my girlfriend, Hockey season in the winter, and Soccer and Baseball in the spring always took priority. I would always make it big I thought, but I overlooked a key factor, my grades. Senior year of high school, I applied for the University of Hawaii at Hilo in hopes that they would accept
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