My Experience With The Hip Hop Culture

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PART ONE A When reflecting on my experiences and knowledge of popular culture, I arrived with a number of remarkable questions and concerns:

Why do I care so much about the lives of celebrities? (Why do I ‘Keep Up With the Kardashians’?) Do I want to be like the celebrities I glorify? Is my desired profession for working in the film industry driven by popular culture eminence? How influential or ‘brainwashing’ has popular culture been a factor in my lifestyle? Is it a good or bad influence? Does popular culture have an effect on my self-esteem? Has popular culture prematurely exposed me to social vices? (Sex? Drugs? Violence?) Why do I identify with the hip-hop culture? What is the message that I am given when listening to hip hop music? What does my taste in music say about me? Am I defined by society due to popular culture stereotypes? Is my judgment or perception on beauty along with different races, gender, and sexualities skewed by popular culture standards and stereotypes? What benefit or significance do I receive from consuming popular culture news? Does popular culture offer me any more than just material to fill my time with frivolous talk and gossip? How much time am I consuming because of popular culture? Why do I feel ‘out the loop’ if I’m not immersed in the latest trends? How am I empowered of my knowledge about popular culture news? Do I get sense of shared identity, meaning and purpose through popular culture? Does popular culture sell me as a

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