My Experience With The National Civil War And Medicine Museums

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Volunteer work is essential for every individual’s life and future careers, it produces a path to connections in the work force, and promotes on the job learning. My practicum work pairing with the National Civil War and Medicine Museums was an amazing, educational 20 hours. Even though I was only there for 20 hours, it was a taste of what I will be tackling in my internship next semester there. I volunteered for four days, and over those days I had a total of four projects. All of the project were different, the first was looking up collection software and plugins, then I took inventory on a case, then I recorded notes on a surgeon’s diary, and finally I described each medicine in a pannier box. All of the people I worked with were immensely friendly and insightful, whenever I had questions they were content to help answer them. The overall experience was tremendously insightful, however, there was a few bumps in the road here and there. This practicum was a great experience that makes me eager for my internship in January. My first day at the National Civil War and Medicine museum was October 14th, it was an awfully dull experience and not what I was expecting. I strolled in as soon the museum opened, I was met by Joanna Jennings, she explained to me that more than half of the staff came down with a bug because of a conference they held earlier in the week. Thus, Amelia, who was originally supposed to be my mentor, was out sick. However, she did type up a detailed

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