My Experience With The Visual Arts

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1. For as long as I can remember, I have been academically inclined. Facts and learning in a school setting came naturally to me as I grew up where the honor roll was expected of me. However, I never had any talent for the visual arts. I do not have the natural talent for drawing and my favorite type of painting is finger painting with my students, yet it never bothered me. I loved to draw with my younger sisters simply because it was fun. One of my younger sisters is extremely talented in art, and even that did not make me question my talent because art to me was a fun activity to express what I saw and thought. I would draw comics with my sisters, doodle on my books, and in elementary school I loved to make clay figurines and…show more content…
My art always looked different on the walls, and it never struck me that it was because I was doing art wrong. From that moment on I hated any project or assignment that required any type of visual art. I began to self-handicap myself on any art project and had my sister create anything that I could to take home then turn it in because I believed I was bad at art. To this day, I still cringe whenever any type art is required for a project and either try something simple I know I can do or avoid it all together. 2. Extrinsic motivation is a common factor in school systems used to motivate students to do specific desired behaviors. Usually rewards and punishments are implemented to extrinsically motivate the students which aligns with the behavioral theory of motivation. By using extrinsic motivation, theoretically, students will want to perform in that specific desired behavior in order to get an outside reward or to prevent a punishment. When extrinsically motivated, students will get the reward like a sticker or teacher’s approval. Otherwise, the student will be faced with a punishment resulting in them being different and wanting to in-turn adhere to the social norms contrast to their undesired behavior. When I originally participated in art projects, I was mainly intrinsically motivated to do the projects. After the experience, I was extrinsically motivated to self-handicap myself in art. The art teacher had implemented a punishment to try to
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