My Experience Working With Children

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As my experience working with children grows, I would like to gain the skills necessary to run a preschool program. I have worked primarily with infants and toddlers in the past few months, which has become a new focus of mine. Working with such young children allows me to have a productive impact on their cognitive development. This opportunity has been a great encouragement and I hope to run an infant-toddler program within a larger school. My more immediate goals are centered around gaining experiences in different facilities. By exposing myself to different programs and their unique styles, I will be able to see how different procedures, like those for resolving conflict, work for children. With time, these ideas would be integrated into my own program. Though I am just entering the field, I have enough experience to pick out the concepts that I believe are most relevant to the children at their young age. The first is the power of relationships to bring comfort and safety. The children are growing and exploring a lot in the preschool years, so it is vital that they feel comfortable in the facility. The second is the need for communication. The third concept that makes up my personal philosophy is the benefit from learning through play. The second relevant concept that has informed my personal philosophy has been the use of communication to relate to the children. As I spent the past year working predominately with infants and toddlers, it has been important to use a
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