My Experience in the Military

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Marcus Pennie
Written Communication
September 9, 2012

My darkest hour was also the moment I became a man. When all my years of training, all the blood, sweat, and tears of running, aiming, skills training, and hand to hand combat had finally been put to the test. My first kill. It wasn’t a proud moment but it was one on necessity and choice that I’ve played over and over again and I still get the same result. It would have gone exactly the same. September 21st 1999, 1327 Zulu time. We were flying over Almaty, Kazakhstan. The rattling of the POS tin can they call an airplane was really making me queasy. ‘Man less than an hour before we land. It’s not coming soon enough.’ I thought. Then came the dreaded command that started the
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I was holding up until the pain from the slice began to overwhelm me and I felt woozy. I felt like this was it, I am going to lose my grip and this knife was about to go into my face. I quickly thought of everything that would follow and everything that has happened to me up to that point in an instance. Then as if a blessing from God, the door burst open and I redirected my focus to the door. So did he, which was his mistake. I quick glanced back at him and noticed two things. His eyes were off of me and his push weakened just for a second. The only second I needed. I pivoted my upper half to my right and pulled his arm towards where my head once was, jamming the knife into the hardwood floor. I brought my right elbow into his head and he toppled over. I reached for my side arm, rolled away, up on to one side, aimed and fired twice. My pistol and eyes both rose up and to the left to the doorway and fired three more times. Both enemies, cancelled.
I took what seemed like an eternity to curse, catch my breath and regroup myself. I stood up and realized the fight wasn’t over. I still had to make it to my unit. I made my way through the apartment I earlier crashed into, out into the hallway and back up to the roof. I noticed insurgents on the rooftop directly behind me making half-ass shots at me. I leapt to the next
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