My Experience with Soccer and Asthma

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As a young boy growing up, I like many sports, but soccer was my all-time favorite. I loved soccer because I was also good at playing the sport as well as analyzing games. I never had a problem staying glued to my couch watching a soccer game all day. I always relished the prospect of waking up to a soccer game on a Saturday morning. It was such a delight. Being an avid soccer lover, it is no surprise that I had dreams of playing professionally. I wanted to be like Zinedine Zidane because he was my favorite soccer player at the time. At age 9, my mom registered me in a local soccer academy where young kids were trained and nurtured in the sport. I was really excited because I believed it was the start of an illustrious soccer career. Playing as a center forward, I enjoyed each and every minute on the pitch and also the atmosphere. My family would always come to watch me play and cheer for me. That buoyed me and gave me a lot of confidence as I kept thinking that one day, they would have to sit on the couch in front of the television watching me playing professional soccer. At age 12, I was privileged to meet one of the Nigerian national soccer team player Kanu Nwankwo. He was known worldwide and most of his teammates saw him as a role model. On the day he visited our academy, he talked to us on many issues mostly on being focused and working towards making our dreams become reality. He also talked about a heart foundation program he was running and how it is helping
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