My Experiences After Attending The Practice Of Public Health Leadership

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Reflective Assignment

This paper discusses my experiences after attending the Practice of Public Health Leadership (PPHL) subject in 2015, reflecting on important lessons learnt, the relevance to my work and the support required for my improvement.

When I enrolled in this PPHL, I was not sure that I will get the best out of the subject due to previous experiences of attending theoretical leadership trainings. However, at the end of the subject, I was challenged, groomed, humbled and inspired as a leader. The subject has helped more to bring a lot out of myself, stimulated the urge for personal authenticity and an appreciation of the power of vulnerability in leadership. Through personal interactions with other students and presenters as well as the group activities, I have realised that the success of the team depends on recognising each other’s strengths and complementing on the weaknesses. In addition, I have learnt that effective leadership depends on team work, incorporating people with different skills and abilities. I have learnt the importance of personal reflection and meditation in leadership. Furthermore, taking time to know myself or who I am, has been one of the great lessons from this subject. It has enabled me to focus on the roles of a leader instead of striving to do everything myself as the case before. In addition, learning the skills of gaining the trust of the people you are leading as well as inspiring them was a remarkable lesson.

Reflecting on my
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