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Brian ’44’ Gunter
There are from my experiences two types of teachers in this world: good and great. A good teacher knows, at the bare minimum, how to get across the basics of the material. They may not be the most enthusiastic, however they get the job done. Great teachers are truly a gift of God. They know how to inspire, create discussion, and truly get students involved in lessons. Then there remains Brian Gunter. I will never forget the first time I walked into my high school band class at exactly 10:45 AM. He was on the podium positioned directly in the front of an ensemble of empty chairs. His lanky figure sat hunched over staring down at seemingly nothing, with a can of Diet Coke on his left and a pack of peanut butter crackers to the right. His pale, wrinkled face displayed only a emotionless and blank canvas. As I walked past the podium, Mr. Gunter’s attention quickly shifted from his mid-morning snack and our eyes met. Usually a teacher addresses their students with a pleasant greeting on the first day of class. Not Brian Gunter. My name was asked first for roll, to which I responded “Quincy Chapman”. His stony, impassive expression quickly shifted to one of deep grimace. “You’re Arthur’s brother, aren’t you?”, he asked. I answered yes a bit too enthusiastically and soon found myself assigned the seat furthest away from the podium. Band practices would start with the quiet rustling of peanut butter cracker wrappers and the small hiss from a can of Diet Coke.

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