My Faith Essay

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My Faith

During my life, I have had many experiences that have shaped my character. One of these moments happened when I was a junior in high school. This is when I decided to join my high school track team. I had always played many sports such as golf, basketball, wrestling, and football, but I hadn’t been involved in track. So I decided to give it a try. It may seem strange, but that track season, as well as certain circumstances that happened during the season, was very beneficial in learning some simple concepts of my Christian faith.

When I first joined the track team, I was very excited. I was looking forward to the upcoming season and my chances to be a star sprinter. The first few weeks of the season were tough, but I
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I had two choices at that moment, and I carefully considered both of them that night. My first choice was to accept the position that my coach had given me, or, I could be upset about it and quit the team. It was a very hard decision to make because I was very frustrated at the time, but I eventually decided to stick with the team at least until after the first track meet. I prayed about the situation, and that God would give me a sign as to what to do. I decided –somewhat with a self-righteous attitude- that after I got last place in the track meet, that I would quit the team.

The next few weeks were very tough, but I worked as hard as I could. As time for the track meet approached, I discovered that I would be allowed to run in the four by 400 meter relay, which is a sprint. I also found out that I was going to run in the four by 100 relay and the 800-meter run. I was very surprised that I would be running in a few of the sprints, but I was even more surprised and even disappointed when I discovered that I was going to run the 800, for the 800 was my most disliked race. It is also about the hardest, because it is nearly a sprint for those who are good at it. The track meet arrived very quickly and the 800 was one of the first running events of the day. The time came for the
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