My Faith Through My Family Essay

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As a Christian, I always refer to Joshua 24:15b when asked about how I will pass down my faith through my family. However, in this essay I will trace back through four generations of my family to show how I have gotten to this stance for my future. Throughout the four generations I explore many different Christian denominations and the impact they had on each member of my family, who later, has impacted me. Studying my spiritual roots lead to the understanding of why I am who I am and how I got here, it has shown me how God uses every aspect of who you are in determining what you will do, but most importantly, it has shown me how I will continue the work that has been in progress for the last four generations. There are numerous experiences that have shaped my faith and many are due to certain stories and traditions that have been handed down through my family’s heritage. In this essay, I will express the patterns and shifts that have shaped my faith into what it is today. Looking back to see exactly how I have arrived at the conclusions about my faith and how I practice it today. Throughout the four generation represented in this paper there are recurrent denominational switches that take place due to adapting to a spouse’s faith; meanwhile other family members remain in the church only to appease their spouse. Another reason for religious shifts in my family’s heritage is due to the prayers and faith of other family members who have a relationship with the Lord and
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