My Family, A Catholic, Caucasian, Female, Nursing Students

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• What culture(s) do you identify with? Some cultures you might consider include generation (e.g., generation Y), nationality, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geographic residence, sexual orientation, religion, ability, organization.
I identify with multiple cultures such as: being a Catholic, Caucasian, female, nursing student. The two main cultures I am going to discuss are my ethnicity as well as my families’ geographic residence. My ethnicities are Slovenian and German. My parent’s grew up in New York and Canada. My mom grew up in New York and my dad in Toronto, therefore, I grew up with a mixture of both of these cultures. For example, I tend to complete tasks as quickly as possible; which comes from the culture of large cities like New York and Toronto. All in all, I identify with many cultures, but for the purpose of this assessment, I’m focusing on my ethnicity and parent’s geographic residence.

• What would you like others to know about your culture that is not commonly known? Are there misconceptions about your culture that you want clarified? What are those? A misconception some people have is the culture of being a New Yorker is rude. My mom is from Long Island and she is blunt; not rude. Many of my family members and friends are from New York; they’re sarcastic and blunt, but not rude. I have grown up being taught to be blunt, honest, yet respectful when communication with people. As a result, the misconception of New Yorkers being rude is
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