My Family : An Exciting Trip With Family

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An exciting trip with family is something that most families remember vividly. In this case, it was not the most exciting trip we have taken, but definitely one to remember. Being in the hospital had some interesting experiences I saw and felt.
Nevertheless, the hour and a half ridged drive up has never felt so long. My dad anxiously cruises from lane to lane. Perspiration runs through his hands, the air filled with nervous energy from him, my mom, and my sister, Tayler, as I bared my pain. I try not to show too much for the sake of my family. My stomach had taken over doing uncontrollable convulsions like an intense ab exercise nonstop. No one knew what was going wrong. Pulling up to the covered sliding glass entrance door to the emergency room, I slipped out of the car. Walking slowly, I went to the front desk. The tall blonde woman, with the look of sleep deprivation on her face, asked my mother in her soft voice questions about me. My mom, still shaking with nerves, answered them all completely for the receptionist. Standing there, a variety of emotions overwhelmed me. Right away, I was taken into a small glass room where a short, thin black haired woman took my vitals. She was in a hurry because there were patients coming in nonstop and had to keep everything flowing. After everything was checked, she escorted my family to the waiting area. Sitting side by side, I stared at the cream colored wall with indigo and soft ink birds on it to try to pass the time. Our phones
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