My Family : An Extended Family

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Introduction to Family My family consist of many people. My Father is Hector Abundis he is a very hard working man who and has been married to my mother Mary for 27 years now. My mom is very strong and also hardworking. I have three older brother Hector Jr is the oldest he’s 29 and is currently in college as well. Next is my brother Arturo he is very intelligent and also the brother I am the closet to. After him is my brother Jesse he is 25 Then, there’s me the baby until my parents adopted my now little brother Nichols James who is in the 7th grade and we call him Nicki for short. Size/Type/Structure/Ethnic Background My family is a very big family I would consider us a Mexican American family, my father is from Mexico and my mother is from Olney, Texas. Together they created what is called an extended family. An extended family is are families that consist of one or more parents, children or a family that has more than one generation living in the household. Growing up and still to this day we always have family members living in our home. At times my grandparents due to their health issues and other times my cousins until they could get back onto their feet. Basic Values One thing my family really values is education. My parents always taught us as children that knowledge is very important and we should learn as much as we can. I think the best example of this is when I got pregnant at such a young age they didn’t let me quit my education. Instead they pushed me
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