My Family And Family In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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We all have families, mine may be crazier than yours, but what can you do about it. Most of us know Alice Walker for the famous book The color purple, but her short story “Everyday Use” is more comparable to mine. A story about a mom and her daughters who have an appreciation for their heritage, but look at it from different perspectives. With looking from different perspective comes a struggle. My family and the family in Everyday use share some similarities when it comes to insecurities, a hardworking mother, and disrespect.
One of the first ways that my family is like the family in “Everyday use” involves insecurities. For example, Maggie hates the way she looks and has no confidence. When Maggie comes out into the yard to ask Mama how she looks Mama describes her walk as a “lame animal, perhaps a dog run over” (58). Mama describes her like this because Maggie has a low self-esteem and don’t feel like an equal compared to Dee. I use to not have any confidence because I had bad acne while my siblings' skin was so perfect and smooth. Last year my acne was at its worst and I barely wanted to leave the house. Dee is very confident and bold the opposite of her sister. “She was determined to stare down any disaster in her efforts”. (53) When Dee wants something, she gets it and unlike Maggie, she doesn’t hide she flaunts it. I use to be quiet and insecure about myself, but now as time goes on I get better and become bolder like Dee. Mama is a strong woman yet she still has a

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