My Family And Family Life

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With the power of hindsight I have come to understand the effect that my family and family life has had on the person I was, on the person I am, and on the person I hope to eventually become. On the day of my birth, I was welcomed into that proverbial, “…it takes a village to raise a child”. I had two parents that loved me. Maternal grandparents that ensured that I knew the love of the Holy Trinity. Neighbors who looked after me. Close family friends that I would end up calling “Aunt” and Uncle”, while calling their children “Cousin”, though there was no blood relation. Unfortunately, my paternal grandparents had passed away before my birth, and yet family members on my father’s side were also considered to be a part of my “village”. As the first born boy, to the youngest daughter in the family, I was spoiled and coddled, especially by my grandparents. They lived about an hour away, so we were always making trips to visit and they in turn would make reciprocal trips. There were certain things that were expected and understood when you visited “Granny and Grandpa”. The most important thing, however, was that Sunday morning breakfast would be ready before Sunday school and Sunday Church service. I grew up knowing and loving the Lord in a Baptist faith primarily because of my grandparents. That is not to say that my parents were not practicing Christians, because they were, it just seems that my grandparents set the tone with respect to my religious upbringing. My…

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