My Family And I Took A Cruise Abroad

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In November of 2010 my family and I took a cruise abroad. Just 60 days before the Arab Spring started, two of the stops on the trip were Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. I was never really aware of the kind of life I was lucky enough to have until I went on this trip. Even after the trip I still wasn’t fully cognizant of the privilege I held. During the time of the trip, I was 12 years old, in seventh grade, and very unaware of the world outside of my own. Cairo was our first stop in Egypt and the most life changing. I remember waking up early, excited to see Cairo but when I looked out the window I didn’t see it. There was a thick and dreary layer of fog everywhere you looked. Once the fog cleared we were all piled onto a bus where we met our tour guide, an Egyptian native. She was very blunt and straight forward. She warned us about the little tricks that would be used to scam us tourists and that we should just ignore those people. Her words stuck with me that day, even scared me a little and looking back, I wish they hadn’t. Our first stop was to the place every tourist wants to go, the pyramids. We got off the bus and were immediately bombarded with merchants trying to sell magnets, jewelry, and camel rides to us. They were very persistent with trying to get us to buy their goods. I did not realize it at the time, but it was most likely how they made a living. My parents politely declined them as if they were those people you see on the street handing out
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