My Family And Its Impact On Children 's Growth And Development

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Parents and family provides a significantly direct impact on their children through learning and development of the child’s social competence. In the case where parents find themselves actively involved in their child’s growth and development, the same child has the ability of achieving the best results, exhibiting positive attitudes, and demonstrate values and behaviors that propel success. For early childhood providers, the need to reach out to parents and families with the aim of building the kind of relationships that are paramount in engaging them as active partners in early education is significant. The assertions made by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network support this idea. Therefore, the focus of this narrative puts emphasis on my family’s contribution towards the economy of my native country.
However, before delving much into the topic of my family and its economic contribution to the country, it is significant to identify the importance of the family in shaping my journey to this doctorate family, just like any other, has been playing a crucial role in shaping and promoting the positive skills that I presently hold dearly. In fact, parent visitations to a school setting, telephone conversations, and regular face-to-face conversations have been useful in keeping me informed choices about certain social skills such as friendship and relationships that I relate to. This kind of support was useful in forming a strong foundation
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