My Family And My Background

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Researching my family and my background, I have found that I have ancestors from several countries, including Germany, Sweden, England, Ireland, and Scotland. They all came to America for a variety of reasons ranging from religious persecution, hope for a better life with better economic conditions, famine, family issues, and to colonize America. First off I had a lot of relatives come to Connecticut from England in the 17th century to form colonies that came for many reasons, one of which was to escape the oppression of their mainland England was at the time. The first one to come over was my double 11th great-grandfather Andrew Warde, who lived from around 1597 to 1659. According to Andrew Warde and His Descendants by George K. Ward, he emigrated from England to Massachusetts around 1630. He was a pretty influential guy in Connecticut and even has a monument in Fairfield Cemetery in Connecticut erected in his honor. He had many relatives on my father’s side come from England to start a colony in Connecticut, including my 10th great-grandfather Stephen Goodyear, who lived from 1598 to 1648. According to the Genealogy of the Goodyear Family, he left England and went to America around 1637 aboard the Hector with others to begin a new colony in the New World. They did this because they heard there was a good, safe place with good farming soil in Quinnipiac, present day New Haven Connecticut. They were also probably upset about taxation, conflict with Scotland, and religious…
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