My Family And My Life

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Today, my family and I are finally leaving. We have been debating on leaving for the past week or so. We have recently lost all of our money. My dad wants to go and earn money in We live in Greece and it is about 100 miles to the coast where our ship will board. I am taking as many clothes as possible and I am taking my old teddy bear that I have had since the day I was born. We walked for days, taking breaks when possible and finding shelter during storms. Then one day my father said ,” Look,, there it is... the ship.” It had gig text on the side that said Nevada At this point I was trembling and the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up. As we were boarding the ship the scent of people who hadn 't bathed in weeks or maybe even months. It was terrible, but it was also the best. We were on our way to freedom. There was thousands of people. We were order to go to steerage. It was like a big room under the ships deck. It wasn 't a few minutes after we set our bags down next to our bunks that we felt the ship jerk. We were moving! My whole family looked at each other and despite the terrible odor and sounds of the ship creaking, we smiled. For what felt like an eternity we rocked and swayed with the motion of the waves and water. We were served the worst food you could ever imagine. It looked like baby food, they must have just thrown things into a blender and dumped it on a plate. My mom and dad were not very big fans of the food, so we would always sneak very

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