My Family And My Life

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It has been fifteen years since my parents and my brother Jack adopted me. I was only two then, but now i’m seventeen. I love my life, I have a happy, loving family, I live in a nice house on a farm in Maine, my brother Jack is my bestfriend but I also have other friends, and I have a boyfriend named Justin. I guess you could say my life is perfect. Expect there’s more to me than you think. I’m adopted and even though I love my life there is still a part of me that wants to find my birth parents and know more about them. My parents tell me all about my birth dad. His name is Joseph. He loved me very much but he was only thirteen when I was born and then about a year later he died in a car wreck. Nobody really knows what happened to my mom,…show more content…
“If it means that much to you Jupiter, then we will find her.” I felt so happy to hear Justin say that, I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug.
A couple weeks have passed until we really started working on finding my mom. We found a couple people that may of been her, but none of them worked out.
“Jupiter, I may have found her!” Justin said to me very excited. “She’s a doctor see, Dr. Madeleine Joyce. It’s spelt the same and everything, there’s even a phone number.”
“Let’s call her” I said happily.
“Dr. Joyce office what can I do for you?” Said the secretary. “ Um yes, may I talk to Dr. Joyce please.” I told the lady. “Sure thing one moment please.” The lady transferred me to Dr. Joyce.
“Hi i’m Jupiter Joyce may I ask you something?” The phone went quiet. “
Hello, yes hi what do you have to ask me, Jupiter.” Dr. Joyce said. At this time I was sure that I found my mother.
“Did you by chance have a daughter at the age of 13 with Joseph Brook?” I said nervously. “Oh sweetie, I know your mother. I’m her cousin and I’m named after her. Except your mother died when she gave birth to you.” I began to start crying, Justin was trying to comfort me but it didn’t help.
“But I can give you some information about your mother, you need to call her maid, Jessie.” Dr. Joyce gave me the maids number. At this point I was very confused. I knew that my mom was officially dead. At this point all I wanted to do was cry. My mother died

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