My Family And My Life

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When I was 8, my family and I lived in small house in the city town. Our life was a little bit hard, everyone in the family is always busy, my mom went to work most of the time and my dad, too. My sister and me we both have school during the day and tutoring class after school. Sometimes, I only see my mom twice a week even though she is home everyday at midnight because of her busy work. My dad is in charged of taking me to school and picking me up after tutoring class, but he also have his job, he have to get everything in schedule in order to get everything in fit. On weekend, I am alone by myself at home or sometimes I go to my friend house and stayed there throughout the week. That was how our life was until my family got into a situation that I was thinking it is going to be bad, but it came out that I have learned a wonderful life lesson. One day I came home from school and put my backpack on the hanger, slowly walk into the kitchen where my mom is making food for our family dinner. I sat down and say “Hi mom, I’m home” with an excited but also tired voice. Then suddenly, she turns back and walk to me, sit down on the chair and asked “So, how was school school today, my dear? Did you have fun? What have you learned today?” with an lovely voice. “School was fine today, I learned a lot from all of my classes, but the most important thing that I have learned today was in my math class, my teacher taught me how to write an equation using a formula that can help me in

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