My Family At The Holy Trinity Baptist Church

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Throughout the course of adolescence, my family regularly attended the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. My parents always emphasized on the importance of raising their children in a complete Christ-centered environment along with ensure a familiarity with the Holy Scriptures. My family lived in a middle class neighborhood called Palma Ceia that was located near downtown Tampa, Florida. My parents have always been inspirational and encouraged me to follow God’s lead through serving in vocational ministry. In my childhood, my social worker mother continuously reminded me seek the positive potential in other individuals.

In 2001, I began to encounter a rather turbulent and difficult period after my father passed away because of congestive heart failure. I attempted to reduce the negative effects of the agonizing loss and began to work excessively as an escape from the painful reality. Most recently, I reevaluated this heartrending event in my life and identified the one of the poorest choices I made was the decision not approach God with this serious predicament. Unknowingly, I continued to pursue the comfort and peace that Jesus Christ alone provides to a person with grief-stricken heart. In 2005, I moved to East Tennessee and began to understand the importance of seeking God in all aspects of my life. Through daily prayer and reading of the Holy Scripture, I realized I had forgotten that Jesus Christ was my confidant and counselor. I remember the afternoon that…
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