My Family At Toys R ' Us For Her Daughter 's 8th Birthday

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When I visited my Aunt in Concord not too far outside of the San Francisco, I accompanied her in buying a present at Toys R ' Us for her daughter 's 8th birthday. When entering the store it gave a very exciting and bright atmosphere. The colors were very vibrant with shelves upon shelves of different types of toys. The colors at the front seemed to have a combination of all the different colors and seemed to keep a neutral environment. The store had many places for kids to wonder such as a video game section, different toy sections that were separated into types of toys, and the older kid sections which included bikes, scooters, tri-wheelers, and push carts which were just for the parents to use to push their toddlers around. The entire store in general seemed to show many gender differences when walking around. Walking from each isle I noticed that there were many sections where the colors were a consistent blue, red, and green. When I neared the second half of the store I noticed that the colors changed drastically and the color scheme started to become pink and purple. The isles with the colors red, blue, and green were mainly aimed towards boys. The toys that were in these sections had many Power Ranger toys and many different types of fighting action figures that boys could pretend to fight with. The smaller toys were packaged in cardboard surrounded by plastic, but a lot of them had pushable buttons that when pushed made many sounds such as that toys trademark phrase.

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