My Family Based Off The Main Principles Of Family Resilience

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Introduction In the book “Strengthening Family Resilience” Froma Walsh defines the term “Family Resilience” as the ability of the family, as a functional system, to with bound, and rebound from adversity (2016). Riddled with a history of poverty, abuse, drugs, and a more poisonous drug”, the Nelson Family has proved to work through several issues. I am always reminded that we started as small town people in Franklin County, Mississippi and now live widely across three continents. Despite are will to persevere I am not sure that my family has achieved functionality as a system. In or most recent years we have found ourselves in a battle to end dysfunctionality. Throughout this paper, I will be assessing my family based off the main…show more content…
Four days into our fast we no longer needed to participate. My aunt had been pronounced dead and despite the sense of misfortune, the room remained to have a calm. I didn’t feel the need to cry or carry on because I realized like all the other times my family would rise to the occasion as we always had done previously. This is what we do, we rise in the face of adversity and “prove the devil wrong” in the words of my grandmother.
Organizational Patterns Growing up the organization of my family was unconventional to say the least. We have a understanding that sometimes I is necessary to restructure our organization to triumph against a crisis. At the age of 8 my grandmother stepped in and removed me from my home and decided that I would live with her. At the time I was continuously witnessing abuse at the hands of my father and my family understood that despite my mother being ready to leave the situation it would be vital that I be removed to better my circumstances. This is not the only case where arrangement such as these have been practiced. After my grandmother migrated from Mississippi to Miami in the early 1960’s her sisters (3) sent one child each to live with her. My great aunts believed that Miami would be able to provide opportunities that would not be possible in the State of Mississippi where racism and prejudice was rampant. It was these crisis that began the migration of family
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