My Family Based On My Life

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My conflict is family based. It is about my elder sister 's family. My elder sister does not have a sound educational background but she is blessed to have gotten married to a wealthy business tycoon and they are blessed with three children namely; Nelly, Junior and Adolf. They are happily married but just like any other marital home which has got its good and bad moments, theirs is not an exception. My sister 's husband is so self centered, and He also have a greedy altitude. As a wealthy business man He has managed to acquired fleets of luxurious cars for himself (precisely about six cars) but unfortunately none of these cars belongs to his wife. In addition to this, He is in possession of all the car keys and when ever the wife wants to go to the market or on an errand, the wife must first of all informed him then He will call the driver and gave him the key to one of the cars( the less privilege car) and asked him to take his madam to the market or where ever she is going. And my sister is never comfortable with this kind of altitude from the husband but she will just keep her cool, and sometimes she let her husband to understand that she is not comfortable with his altitude. But her husband finds it so difficult to bend or to change from his ugly altitude. After some couple of months, the husband went and bought one small lady 's car for my sister and told her that the car is meant for her to be using each time she wants to go to the market or on an errand. But
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