My Family, By Janet Gonzalez Mena

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Conflicts may arise in the setting quite frequently, so it is imperative for early educators and caregivers to understand how to deal with them when they arise. In our textbook, Diversity in Early Care and Education, written by Janet Gonzalez-Mena, she describes the process RERUN (Reflect Explain Reason Understand Negotiate) as an effective means to solve conflict (Gonzalez-Mena, 2008, p. 58). The RERUN process can be extremely effective, because it allows for the families and the teachers to reach an agreement to best suit the child, without having to compromise their wants/needs. In a classroom, all parents’ want is to ensure that their concerns are met and by having an effective way to communicate, it makes it easier for parents to feel as though their voices are heard. For example, a child coming from a family like my own, may experience the collectivist perspective, while another child may come from a background where the individualist perspective is valued. In my family, we value the collectivist perspective in the ways that we take care of each other. During holidays and family dinners, all of the girls in my family are required to make sure that the males are taken care of before we sit down and make ourselves comfortable. This has always been how my family operates and it will be how I raise my family, however as much as I believe that this is how things should be, there is someone else out there who may value the individualist perspective just as much. In this

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