My Family Curse : The Curse Of Family

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Walter jones 1
Family Curse
Have you ever had a time of in your life where everything goes your way? That you can get anything you want in your wildest dreams? That’s my entire life, sounds wonderful don’t it? Well at first yes , you’d be right but not anymore not after learning the truth of my family and the reason why we have so much. My family turns out to be the head family in a criminal organization called Luna , this sudden realization came from when I turned 10, many of the people that surrounded started to change , they started to fear me like I was some kind of monster and they were right as eldest son of the current boss i was next in line for the throne which granted me lot’s of power within the organization, but also it gained lot’s of respect but this respect was mostly based on fear,I could never tell if people were being generously nice to me or were they just out to get on my good side for their own benefit. My parents are not much better i barely spend time with my mother or father and mostly hear about their achievements through my uncle’s monologues when we study about history. Did i mention that i’m homeschooled? Yeah with my parents reputation having the cops or rival organizations find out about their son could lead to complications to say the least, but even so my father doesn’t like to take chances and i was beaten , trained ,and
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