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Each family is unique, as no one family is the same as another. Family is essentially, people who come from the same ancestors. Each family has their own history, immigration, and roots. As I was lucky enough to be born in America, I would have never had to opportunity to be brought into this world as an American without the sacrifices my family made years ago.
Going back to the early 1930’s, my great, great grandparents lived in Germany. They were forced to escape Germany when Adolf Hitler served by collaborators, murdered over 6 million Jewish people. My great great grandparents and their daughter Nora, who was called Mecky, my great grandmother, escaped Germany. Mecky was only 16 years old at the time decided to move to Paris with her boyfriend and separate from her parents. Her parents moved to Chile, where her father quickly decided to take his own life by committing suicide. My great great grandfather could not deal with the hardships of being Jewish, and the danger that was associated with it, so he ended his life.
Mecky and Sigi eventually decided to also move to Chile and build a family of their own. Shortly after the move, they had my grandfather, Marcello in 1938. Mecky and Sigi made quite a life together, they were well off, financially, and loved living in such a beautiful country. My grandma Lucy then met my grandpa Marcello. My grandpa happened to be best friends with my grandma’s brother. My grandpa moved to the United States when he was 18 to find a good

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