My Family Essay : Summer Vacations And Family Myths

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Summer Vacations and Family Myths
Everyone has them, the stories from their family or childhood so deeply ingrained into their psyche that they can recall it in vivid detail years after the event happened. These stories are usually something or someone causes a trauma that effects the storyteller in some profound way. Mimi Swartz contends that “if we only stick to the facts, our past is as skeletal as black and white line drawings in a coloring book. We must color it in” (p.287). Over the years these stories take on a life of their own adding color and emotion that turns the story into a family myth.
My family stories are about our family camping trips that we went on every year from the time I was about ten into my teen years. It was the late sixties, when my parents purchased a popup camper trailer. From the Shenandoah forest to the Cape of Brenton in Nova Scotia my parents would load up the trailer and hitch it up to our 1967, six-cylinder Mustang convertible and set off from the safety of our home in Philadelphia heading off to great adventures
My brothers and I were scrunched in the back seat where one of us always ended up sitting on the hump in the middle. What caused these trips to be memorable is the fact that something almost always happened that appear now in hindsight as an effort of my parents to inadvertently kill us.
The tales of our camping misadventures range from getting totally lost in in the wet lands of New Jersey when our father took us

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