My Family

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Family It seemed as if a war was happening right in the middle of our kitchen. Seeing the puddles of tears streaming down from my sister and I’s face was undoubtedly heartbreaking for my parents, but it was also heartbreaking for my sister and I to find out our parents were getting a divorce. Their screaming was loud and constant. I wish my walls were soundproof. My mom’s final words of the first fight, “I’m leaving no matter what you say.” First Day It was awkward and dreary around the house. I still got up in the morning and started out my day by straightening my hair, eating breakfast, and heading off to school for what I hoped to be a regular day. My parents were obviously avoiding each other not a lot of talking happened between them. Silence. Honestly, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to tell my friends or not since none of their parents were divorced. Have you ever had that feeling that people know what’s going on and they talk about it to others? Just not to you. I had a gut feeling that people knew already. Word spreads fast. It’s frustrating to me because I’m not in the mood to talk about it, yet everyone just wants to know what is going on.
I did non-stop thinking. Did this mean I wouldn’t see one of my parents as much as the other? Part of me couldn’t decide if I was sad or angry. Honestly I was a little of both. How could one of my parents get up and leave our family? So many questions. This was such a confusing time for my sister and I; we didn’t ask
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