My Family

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Family. That word means everything to me. My parents, both immigrants from India, were raised in relative poverty in their hometown of Bengaluru. They courageously made the decision to leave their own family behind for the sake of a better opportunity for themselves and their children. They sacrificed a lot when I was growing up, as they worked hard to establish their careers. Thankfully, my grandparents were there to help take care of me. Travelling back and forth from India, they would help around the house, cook meals, and even pick me up from school. Their presence played a huge role in my childhood. I was lucky enough to basically grow up with four parents, each of whom instilled in me values that I hold today: hard work, sacrifice, and altruism. Throughout my elementary school years, I began to cultivate a few of my many lifelong passions. One of these was art. At that age, if you gave me a pencil and some paper, I would be lost in the creative whirlpool, thinking of the different objects and ideas that I could bring to life in my sketchbook. As I grew older, I played around with different artistic media, my favorite of which became oil on canvas. Aside from having a creative and therapeutic outlet, what drew me towards art was my desire to seek challenges. Whether it was experimenting with a novel stencil technique or attempting to paint an incredibly detailed landscape, I consistently wanted to put my skills to the test. This craving for challenge wound up
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