My Family Has All Sorts Of Amazing And Interesting Qualities

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My family has all sorts of amazing and interesting qualities that almost no one knows about, and I am about to share it with you! My father, Michael Holt, is such a wonderful man. He was born in 1970 and is still working on a great life. He went to Whitehall High school in Michigan and was a three sport athlete, playing baseball, basketball, and football, along with being at the top of his class academically. He then went on to the University of Michigan to complete his degree with a Major in Biology and Minor in Chemistry. My dad loves to learn and better his mind, along with his body. He still exercises extremely hard to this day to keep in great shape and is a teacher at Muskegon Catholic Central, the high school that graduated from. As…show more content…
I am able to just believe things I see without questioning them, while he cannot. To top it all off, many people even say that we look like one another. His father, Richard Holt, was part English and German. He was born in Ohio and went on to join the army. He fought in Korean War as a lieutenant of his squadron. He also played minor league baseball as a catcher and loved the game. He was married twice, the first marriage was to a woman named Katherine, which was not very long, and then he eventually married my grandma, Madeleine Wolf. He had two sons and one daughter with Katherine and two sons with Madeleine. My dad said that Richard was a very wise man to him because he was an old man as a father. He had alot of experience and also coached my dad and uncle in baseball and football when they were younger. He worked in management his whole life and worked at many different places, and many different auto shops, and that makes a lot of sense because of the absolute love that he had for cars. He loved all kinds of cars and showed his love through all of the cars he owned. I only remember about five years of my grandpa’s life, but in those five years, I remember him having at least five different cars, and he barely drove anywhere. Richard smoked his whole life and it ended up catching up to him when he developed lung cancer which spread through his body and he died at the age of 72.
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