My Family Has Been The Roots Of My Life

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Institutional Affiliation Since my childhood, many people around by play zone directed me on how to live. Most likely, my parents, elder brother, uncles, aunts, and other neighbors gave me their first chances in their lives so that I can grow up as a role model person to many like them. Starting with my childhood age, when I was in baby class, my parents did all there best to make sure that I was safe and gave me everything that governed me. Following the foot-steps of my daddy, its true say that he gave me all I asked from him. His hard work in different fields in order to sustain our needs made me to work hard in school so that I can emulate him. This is one of the main reasons why I would say that my family has been the roots of my life. Therefore, everything has been under my parents and other stakeholders who supported my life in different ways. For example, professor Owuri from Adams University is one of my best friends who gave me some words of advice especially after joining my higher education. Basically, parents and other stakeholder have impacted positively to my life as a student both financially and economically. Parental guidance is one of the main things which I can congratulate my parents off. For example, when I was young, my father told me to respect everyone in this universe. He gave me a couple of advices on this and told to obey anyone elder than me. This was not a discrimination advice but he also told me to respect any other person. At my age, I did
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