My Family Has Changed A Lot

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My family has lived in Beijing for a long time. We experienced huge changes in China in the 20th century, especially within the economy. Because of the centralization of authority, China could gather the money in some specific way very soon during the developing period from 1980s to now. Chinese economy has changed a lot. The change is not just staying on the business level, which it surely have a lot of good effect to every common family. First of all, as a student, the most important thing, education, changed a lot by the economy growth in these thirty years. Forty years ago, in my mother 's years, there was a period China just ended the war and the social system was brand new and also weak. In few years of 1970s, the whole country became crazy and no one teach in school; they are afraid to. People are required to go to rural places to develop but cannot stay in city. After the few years, education came back alive and my mom was in primary school. She said when she was young, there was no exercise book, i.e. there are not that much homework, but she wants to be good and wants to understand the knowledge. In order to get some questions to work, she had to find the teacher to borrow some books which are very rare to work with. She said, "At that time, if you found a question book, that would be my treasure." However, in today, there are tones of practice books. Especially in China, the "Gaokao" system as a nationwide selection method of all universities. Examinations,

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